How to Upgrade Your Diamond Engagement Ring

Diamond Engagement RingUpgrade your DiamondMost couples begin their lives off together with less money than they will have later in life. When you became engaged, the ring you give or receive may not be exactly what you were hoping for due to lack of funds, but you can always have your ring upgraded. Upgrading an engagement ring doesn’t change the meaning behind the ring – it’s just adding a little something extra to it. There are a many ways to upgrade your engagement ring, such as adding a new ring to your current setting, upgrading to a larger stone or adding more stones to your current engagement ring.

  1. Purchase a new ring and unite it to your original engagement ring. Have the new ring designed to match with the original ring so that it will fit comfortably and match go with your current setting. A jeweler can have this done for you.
  2. Add more diamonds to your engagement ring setting. If you have a solitaire diamond setting, you may want to add diamonds around the current diamond. If you want to add a splash of color to your ring, you could add your birthstone on one side of the diamond and your spouse’s birthstone on the other side. You can also add your children’s birthstones to your ring.
  3. Upgrade your current diamond. A jeweler can change out your stone with another diamond, if you’d like. They might have to adjust the prong setting, but with most rings, it shouldn’t be a problem. You may even want to have your current diamond turned into a charm for a necklace or sell it to offset the price of the upgrade.
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