Disney Inspired Rings: Princess Tiana

disney inspired ringsBack again this Wednesday for our 4th installment of Disney Inspired Rings. (Woo!) This time featuring none other than Disney’s 9th Princess – Tiana.

For some of us, we might not be too familiar with this Disney Princess so here’s a short synopsis.  Tiana works as a waitress in New Orleans who dreams of one day opening her own restaurant. After kissing “the frog prince” Naveen, who was turned into one by the evil witch, Tiana finds she herself has turned into a frog as well.

Eventually all is overcome, and Princess Tiana turns human again and marries Naveen.  In true Disney fashion they live happily-ever-after and Tiana & Naveen end up opening their own restaurant. How sweet right?

Well now they we’ve covered that –

One can definitely conclude that Tiana was a heroine, who on occasion tended to be hard-headed, but always a focused,  hard worker.

Join me as we take a look at some of this week’s Disney inspired rings.

disney inspired ringsA diamond and opal ring made in yellow gold.  The opal is known as an inspirational gemstone, one that I feel would definitely be up the Disney Princess’ ally.

disney inspired ringsEuropean cut diamonds make this platinum Tiffany & Co. vintage ring a truly special piece.  Not only that – this diamond ring features a 0.40ct natural Emerald at the center. What says fit for a princess more than an American classic designer?

disney inspired ringsFor a Disney Princess who enjoys her cooking, Tiana might have been inspired by this more simplistic gemstone ring.  Made in 925 sterling silver and 18k yellow gold.  This disney inspired ring features a 3.34 carat Olive Quartz gemstone.

disney inspired ringsNothing says love like a heart diamond. There’s no doubt this ring would have been a Princess Tiana fave.  There is one 2.96ct heart diamond and 2 baguette diamonds that sit on each side.  Also made in platinum, this ring is durable and beautiful.

Alright, time to pick favorites.  Which Disney inspired ring would you wear?

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