The DIY Hair Guide

The DIY Hair Guide

Want to look absolutely flawless for your big day, but you are having a hard time with your hair!? Don’t you worry, we have compiled the most trending up-do’s for you to try before you tie the knot. You will have everyone’s head turning and thinking “who did her hair?”.

The Twisted Bun Hair

Perfect wedding hair for the big day

DIY: Wedding Hairstyles

1. You want to have very textured hair before styling:  we recommend hair spray and blow dry teasing.

2. Take two pieces of hair like you are going to tie a pig tail, make a knot with your actual hair.

3. Wrap the hair around into a bun and use 4 bobby pins to secure the hair on both sides of the bun (8) bobby pins total. Then spray a lot of hairspray to really secure the look!

Braided Bride: How to1. Take hair from the right side and make a braid.

2. Take that braided hair and bobby pin it down to the left side of your head. Proceed to do the first step with your left side of hair.

3. Bobby pin and hair spray.

Classic bun: How to

1. Prime hair by using hair spray and teasing.

2. Hold hair in a pony take and twist.

3. Keep twisting and slowly form hair into a bun. Use a pony tail that matches your hair color to keep a sturdy hold.

4. Add a cute ribbon or pin to bring the look together.

The fun bun: DIY Wedding Hair

1. Prime hair by hair spraying and curling.

2. Tie in a high pony tail.

3. Make a bun and then proceed to pull both sides to make it voluminous.

4. Take extra hair and wrap it around the bun.

5. Spray and bobby pin!


50’s Curls

Hair CheatsTwist hair tightly and iron for a 50’s pin up look!

Perfect Loose Curls
Hair CheatsUse a sock bun tool, leave in hair for a few hours and notice perfect curls afterwards!
Get rid of those Grays without dye!
Get rid of Grays EasyUse a makeup brush and just paint in the color of your hair! This isn’t a permanent thing, but will last for your wedding. Make sure to secure the color with hairspray!

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