Do it Yourself Wedding Ideas!

Do it Yourself Wedding Ideas!


Want to add some personal crafts to your special day, but don’t know where to even start! Here is a compilation of crafty ideas that can help make your wedding stand out!

His and Hers Drink Specials

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1. Drinks Most couples have different tastes in drinks, men like the darker liquors such as whiskey, spiced rum, etc. Women on the other hand want a more feminine drink such as cosmopolitans and mixed fruity drinks. Making a compilation sign on saying HIS and the other saying HERS and the drinks that you are offering is a cute way to make sure your guests get enough of a variety!

Herb Place Cards

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2. Place Cards Instead of spending that extra money on generic place cards why not just make your own! There are so many ways of doing this from drawing your own if you have artistic abilities, or you can arrange your own bouquet and then tie a name onto it! In the photo above this is a Martha Stewart Herb place card bouquet.

origami art

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3. Table Origami make the reception kid friendly with some easy origami! This also helps break the ice if there is a table of people who don’t really know each other! Do a type of origami that not only looks good, but is easy for your guests to understand. We suggest having some writing on it so your guests can feel a personal attachment to the paper art.

Mason Jar Bouquet

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4. Make Your Own Center Pieces! Instead of spending a fortune on center pieces, make your own flower bouquet, buy inexpensive glass jars (preferably mason jars) and you will have some crafted, but beautiful center pieces!

Wedding Gift Bags

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5. Goodie Bags! Don’t forget about your guests! They did come to your wedding to support you! Make sure there is some type of take home gift for them. If you don’t have a budget for them buy some paper sandwich bags, print out a nice thank you text or draw something yourself and add some candy! Putting a nice ribbon also makes the bag look classy!



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