Do’s and Don’ts of Popping the Question

Do’s and Don’ts of Popping the Question

Proposal Do's and Don'ts

The new trend of 2013 seems to be having an eccentric proposal. Unless you know that is what your partner truly wants DON’T DO IT! We can’t stress enough how important it is to make your significant feel comfortable during such a sentimental moment. You aren’t just proposing for marriage, you are putting your heart and soul on a platter, spilling out all your true emotions and feelings whilst proposing to spend the rest of your life with that person.

Do tell her how much you love her and how spending the rest of your life with her will make you the happiest person in the world.

Do make it sentimental and meaningful.

Don’t make it a public event, unless you know she is a high strung personality who wants something like that.

Do make the day about her. For example take her out to her favorite place, invite the family over.

Don’t put the ring in her food. It may seem far fetched, but since it is a surprise that there is a ring in her food the she most likely will choke on the ring before they even discovers it.

Don’t spend a ton of money on the engagement. Keep it simple don’t pull a Josh Ogle and spend 45k on just the proposal alone.

Do buy her the ring of her choice. Many women discuss the type of ring they want with friends and family! Figure it out! That is your time to play detective!

Do steal one of her rings to figure out her size.

Don’t propose in a bar.

Don’t propose anywhere that the two of you have never been before, unless it is a vacation. Don’t experiment with a new restaurant, make it a special comfortable situation.

Do ask permission from her father. That is daddy’s little girl! He needs to say yes before she does!

Do make sure her family knows you are going to propose! Also include your own family.

Don’t make a joke about the engagement. It makes the moment less special.

Do listen to her. If she says she wants to buy the ring with you make sure you find a unique way of proposing without the actual engagement ring.


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