Easy DIY Manicures to Show of Your Engagement Ring

Easy DIY Manicures to Show of Your Engagement Ring

So you just got engaged! Congratulations! Now its time to show off that sparkler, but you don’t want to look like your nails just got out of a wood chipper, you need a manicure. Here are some amazing and easy DIY manni’s you can try at home!

1. The Ombre Glitter Nail

How to Get a Glitter Ombre Manicure

–Step 1: start with a base coat, our favorite is Orly Bonder. It will keep your manicure on forever (not literally, but for a very long time).

–Step 2: apply your favorite shade of glitter (silver would look really good with your new ring). This is the most important step! Start gently putting the glitter polish at the tips of your nails. Do gentle upward motions. Then after you see a nice ombre starting, put a top coat on. Our favorite is OPI.

**You can also do an inverse ombre by following the steps above inversely.

2. Polka Dot Nails 

Polka Dot Nails

–Step 1: File and shape your nails accordingly and apply your favorite base coat.

–Step 2: Have a bobby pin handy and stretch it open (this is what you are going to use for the polka dots).

–Step 3: Dunk one end of your bobby pin into the color you want to use as polka dots and put on your nails.

–Step 4: Add a top coat and you’re done!

3. Double Line French Manicure 

Double Lined French Manicure

–Step 1: Shape nails and add base coat

–Step 2: Paint your nail with your favorite color

–Step 3: leaving about a millimeter of space at the tip of your nail use some thin nail tape. Then about a millimeter underneath the nail tape add some regular tap. Then paint over both, let dry, peel and you will see amazing results!



4. Cheetah Print Nail Manicure

Cheeta Print DIY Nails

–Step 1: Grab a wooden pencil and chip off the center of the eraser.

–Step 2: Use base coat and shape nails accordingly.

–Step 3: Hold the eraser down on your nails for the perfect cheetah stencil!

–Step 4: Use top coat and let dry.

5. Striped DIY Nails Using a Fan Brush

Fanned Manicure DIY Nails

–Step 1: Use your favorite base coat.

–Step 2: Put your favorite color on your nails and grab your fan brush.

–Step 3: Use fan brush to lightly paint on the second color to create a line motion.

–Step 4: Use a top coat and you should have the most amazing manicure ever!


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