Emperor of France’s Engagement Ring Sold at Auction for $949,000

Emperor of France’s Engagement Ring Sold at Auction for $949,000

Napoleon and Josephines Engagement Ring

In 1796 the former Emperor of France, Napoleon Bonaparte proposed with a traditional engagement ring that consisted of two pear shaped stones, one being a sapphire and the other a diamond. He proposed to his lovely Josephine de Beauharnais. The ring was put up for auction at Osenat Auction House at the Fountainbleu in France.  It exceeded everyone’s expectations when the ring crushed its original estimation price of only $20,000 dollars. The crowd was on the edge of their seat watching bidders go back and forth raising the prices each time. From witnesses that were at the auction in France they said there was intense laughter throughout the room every time the bid was brought to a more extraordinary price.

It was said that Josephine was 6 years older than Napoleon and the ring was given to her right before one of his big excursions to Italy. At the time of his proposal he had little money to spend on an engagement so he gave Josephine the gold sapphire and diamond ring.This ring approximates at a much lower price than it was auctioned off for, but the value of owning a vintage symbol of love is priceless. Although Josephine is long gone, the auction took place last Sunday to honor her 250th anniversary of birth. Even though Napoleon and her marriage deteriorated after only 14 years it was said that the ring was one of her most precious values that she kept in the family line. The ring eventually made its way down to Napoleon III hands, he was the nephew and Heir of Napoleon he was also known as the last monarch of France. The ring was part of his collection of fascinating jewels.

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