Engagement Ring Breakup Etiquette

Ring Breakup Etiquette

We all hope this never happens to us, but in some cases the engagement does not go according to plan, and it is called off. What is the proper way to go out dealing with the engagement ring? Do you keep it? Return it? Throw it off the nearest cliff? Well don’t do doing something you will soon regret. Depending on your particular case, my advice to is to grab your favorite tub of Ben & Jerry’s Ice cream, put on your biggest sweat pants and be prepared for a wave of emotion coming your way. However there is no need to stress over the engagement ring, we have some advice on the best way to handle the engagement breakup.

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In many cases the end of a relationship can be tragic, and can become even worse with a diamond in the mix. Surprisingly, some couples go as far as the court system to dispute over the engagement ring. However there is no uniform law in the United States that addresses who the ring should go to. The court must determine whether it is viewed as a “gift” or a “token of love”. If taken to the court system, the outcome will ultimately be varied from state to state.

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Some states view an engagement as a conditional gift. A conditional gift is a promise to make a promise under such conditions, and if such conditions are not met (getting married), she must in return the ring. A promise to make a promise, in such cases if one cheats during the engagement this can result in the return of the ring.

Fraud, one of the harshest ways of approaching a breakup is that they have just flat out played you. Sounds like something out a bad teen movie, but it does unfortunately happen. It has been ruled in courts in the various states across the country that people have gone to extreme lengths to get engaged to only turn around, breakup the engagement, and sell the ring. Don’t let this happen to you…


Then in other cases some courts view the engagement ring as a “gift” and simply that. If it was presented as a gift and then accepted as a gift, the giver in turn can not ask for it back.

Nevertheless, if you are in the position of a engagement break up, hopefully things do not come to such extremes as these!

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