What Should The Engagement Ring Cost? Some Q&A for Brides-to-Be

What should an Engagement Ring Cost?

Have you ever heard a man say that? Yep… Here’s that question and a few others we hear a lot ~

How can you help him find the right ring? You want the fairy-tale wedding and the romantic proposal, but he’ll need something to put in that box when he gets down on one knee. While ring-shopping together isn’t exactly traditional it’s a good way to show him what styles appeal to you and for you both to feel out an appropriate engagement ring cost. Besides, marriage is a partnership- doesn’t it make sense to do it together?

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An engagement ring made from recycled jewelry components.

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Does it have to be Diamond? There are alternatives to diamond engagement rings. Both royal bride Kate Middleton and Spanish actress wear sapphire engagement rings while new mother Jessica Simpson sports a ring with a ruby as the center gem.

Does it matter what he thinks? Pick a ring that works for both of you. It’s true, you shouldn’t cower away with fear of the high cost of diamond engagement ring. Hey, after all… if you do it right you’re only going to get one of these so make it count! But remember that you’re not the only one getting married, so think about what he can realistically afford.

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Determine your budget. The classic rule of thumb is that the ring should cost three months salary but don’t feel married (pardon the pun) to that number. Once you do set a budget however, stick to it. When asked for your maximum budget give the jeweler a 10% smaller number. You’ll typically be shown more expensive rings in an attempt to get you to spend more.

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