Engagement Ring Etiquette after Breakup

Engagement Ring Etiquette after Breakup

Returning an Engagement Ring

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Engagement ring etiquette can be confusing after a break-up. Normally when a couple breaks up they return the most memorable things to get the significant other out of their head. But what do you do when it is a costly item you can easily pawn off to make some extra cash? Do you pawn it? Is it yours to keep? Do you return it?

Usually after an engagement is called off the right things to do is listen to your ex to see if he wants the ring back. Sometimes this can be a hard thing to do if it was a harsh breakup. But remember he is the one that spent thousands on that ring in the first place. If you are the one that called off the engagement, the right thing to do regardless of him asking for the ring back or not is to return it. They say that whoever brought up the idea of breaking up is the one that doesn’t get to keep that pricey piece of ice. For example if your man calls off the engagement then unless he asks the ring is yours. Now there can be different options of what to do depending on how your relationship works. This is the proper etiquette though if there is no talks of the ring after a breakup. Most end up selling the diamond.

Here is a post of creative things to do with the engagement ring instead of just pawning it off! http://engagementringgurus.com/what-to-do-with-engagement-ring-after-a-breakup/

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