Engagement Ring Guide for Him

Engagement Ring Guide for Him

The Engagement Ring Guide for Him

Proposals have evolved from a simple question to a day that is so special and extraordinary it takes weeks or months to plan. Guys, we are here to help you get the right bling for the thing! You don’t have to be a wiz with jewelry, but just becoming familiar with some of the lingo can help you out tremendously. 

The Setting:

The first thing to remember is get your girlfriend what she wants!!! 28% of women reject an proposal because they hate the ring. Women are a lot more simple than you think we are, if we say we want a specific style that is what we want. Lets say she wants a halo set engagement ring. All this means is she wants a row of pavé set diamonds on the band and the center stone looks raised. A jeweler can show you numerous settings in this style, but remember it shouldn’t be that costly depending on the diamond carat total weight.

A setting averages from 900-2500 usually. The more diamonds and the better grade of the diamonds does change the price drastically. The great thing about halo settings is that every diamond shape looks tremendous in it. The setting type also enhances the center stone! Pavé diamonds around a center stone make the diamond look bigger. Some key things to remember also is that yellow gold is going to be less expensive because it isn’t as high in demand anymore. Platinum will cost you the most. A good bargain is getting 14k white gold, 18k is more pure gold so it makes it a tad bit more pricy.

The Diamond:

Round diamonds are the most expensive cut. Why? Honestly because they are the highest in demand. The top selling engagement ring type is the round four prong solitaire engagement ring. If you opt for a different shape you might be able to get the same size diamond for less. Sacrificing on certain details in the color and clarity grade are another way to get the price down. For example if you want a colorless diamond, you can go all the way down to an H and still have a good diamond to the naked eye. The clarity can be considered good to the naked eye up to SI1.

A lot of people don’t know that if you go to an estate jeweler you can save a lot on a ring! More estate jewelers are selling their own settings (which are brand new) for half the price of a store like Mayors. They also have loose diamonds or are willing to pull stones out of a setting and transferring it to your ring for you.

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