Engagement Ring Mix-up Match-up Quiz

Are you in the market for an engagement ring, but not sure where to start?! Take this quiz to discover which designer fits perfectly with you! Read up a little on each designer to find which one matches best with you! Lets find out! Match up the engagement ring up with their designers below and check your answers after at the very bottom! Good luck diamond divas!


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A) RITANI: “Ritani is a high-end jewelry brand modernizing the way people purchase diamond engagement rings and jewelry. Founded in 1999, Ritani marries the online shopping experience and a selection of custom-made diamond engagement rings, loose diamonds, and other fine jewelry with a network of trusted local jewelers in one seamless transaction”-Ritani

B) A. Jaffe: “Diamonds can reflect passion or they can ignite it. In the case of Abraham Jaffe, a determined 26 year old New Yorker, diamonds put a twinkle in his eye and they were the rock upon which a great American business was born. In 1892 Abraham Jaffe set up shop on Maiden Lane in downtown New York City. Later he was a pioneer in moving his business to West 47th Street, the area that eventually became an epicenter for the international jewelry world. No matter where he took his business, he initiated a forward thinking approach that carries on to this day.” –A. Jaffe

C) Gabriel & Co.: Gabriel & Co. was established in 1989 by brothers Jack and Dominick, who were young apprentices to their father, master jeweler Elias Gabriel. The brothers developed an understanding for unique quality jewelry, with passion and commitment they created Gabriel & Co. With a carefully selected team of expert craftsman, Gabriel & Co. has earned as well as maintained the reputation of dependable designers with excellent service.

D) Verragio: Is an elite world renown designer of diamond engagement rings and wedding rings that are handcrafted with utmost attention to detail and quality. Established and created by jewelery designer Barry Verragio, who has worked in the jewelry designing business for over twenty years. That eventually led him to create this unique line that has been a front runner of manufacturing Engagement rings and Wedding Bands all around the world. His unique design and setting technique truly makes each Verragio design as unique as the woman who wears it.

E) Simon G: Created by Simon Ghanimian, he began the company by journeying from Beirut to Los Angeles. When he went to register at City Hall, the clerk told him his name was too long. And that’s the day Simon Ghanimian became Simon G.get my biggest thrill from creating a new piece. They first start out by sitting down and sketching out an idea, whether it’s a traditional wedding ring or a bracelet with multicolored stones, every piece is quality assured for each customer.

F) Uneek: “Established in 1997, Uneek Fine Jewelry has emerged as an unparalleled standard in fine diamond jewelry. The reasons will be evident once you see and experience the extraordinary detail, intricate workmanship and breathtaking designs in their extensive bridal, color and fashion collections. All Uneek pieces are designed and handcrafted in Los Angeles, CA, you are guaranteed of topnotch quality, you are stamping your support for American artisanship, as well, and contributing to the commitment of keeping the craft alive here in our home.” -Uneek

Answers: 9(Ⅎ ϛ(Ǝ Ɩ(p ㄣ(Ɔ ᄅ(q Ɛ(∀

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