What your Engagement Ring Style says About you

What your Engagement Ring Style says About you

What Does Your Engagement Ring Say About You???

Buying an engagement ring isn’t as materialistic as it seems, this purchase is the moment where the definition of love, commitment and power shine through your relationship. It is an expensive investment that you will be wearing for the rest of your life. Subconsciously your ring style says a lot about your personality and how you hold yourself. Find out what your ring says about you! 


A solitaire engagement ring is usually 4-6 prongs with one main center stone and a plain band. The setting is very simple, which goes the same for your personality. You are a traditional person who doesn’t need a lot of materialistic items to make you happy. A simplistic life doesn’t bother you, sometimes you prefer to cuddle on the couch, watching your favorite show or movie. There is a little kick to you though, you know when you see a good thing and think rationally in moments of pressure.

Halo Setting

The halo setting is one of America’s favorites for 2014. Everyone has a halo style engagement ring including stars like Natalie Portman, Kelly Clarkson and Ashley Tisdale. The mounting is pavé set diamonds that wrap a ‘halo’ look around the main stone. Halo settings are ideal for smaller diamond center stones because they give the illusion of a bigger rock. A halo setter is obviously an intellect. You don’t need other opinions to form a decision you are smart enough to know what to do. You also are independent, but in a good way, you don’t rely too much on people, but if you need a friend you will always have someone there. The main quality a person with a halo set engagement ring has is they are very carefree! You will try anything once!

Bezel Setting

A bezel setting is the most interesting type of setting on our list. The diamond is literally set in a smooth fixed bezel (like a watch bezel). Your whole center stone is encircled and gives a funky twist to a traditional diamond. Kelly Osbourne was previously engaged with a Tiffany & Co. bezel set engagement ring that she said reminded her of her father, Ozzy Osbourne. A bezel set engagement ring says a lot about you, you are a funky free spirit. There is a small sass to you and a lot of attitude if someone approaches you wrong. Don’t change though because that independent funky personality will get you far!

Tension Set 

The way tension set rings work is the diamond is being held in the mounting by extreme pressure rather than prongs. This is a good setting to let a lot of light hit your diamond and have it appear more vibrant. The only downfall is most gemstones aren’t hard enough chemically to withstand the amount of pressure the setting has. A person with a tension set engagement ring is a real risk taker. There is nothing in this world you don’t think you can accomplish! You have  areal go-getter personality and don’t like hearing no. You also are very bubbly and happy because you are so care free.

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