Engagement Ring Substitutes?

Engagement NecklacesBracelets and Antique Jewelry

IT’s all very creative, but can there really be a substitute for an engagement ring? The answer…. probably. It all depends on the recipient, don’t  you think. If you meet a woman who has an aversion to rings, or (shutter) diamonds, it becomes more than probable.

Neclaces are cool because they are worn near the heart. This way of thinking makes them a rather romantic substitute for an engagemene ring. And if you think you can get creative with a ring, just imagine whats possible with a necklace! Bigger pieces, more of them, larger areas to engrave, plenty of room to string pearls or gemstones.  Think about a ruby or sapphire necklace, moonstones, birthstones! The list is incredible.

Engagement Bracelet? Wouldn’t be my personal choice, especially due to the beating bracelets take, but I’ve now seen some really lovely ideas.  Many of the same options as a necklace apply to the bracelet. And it can probably hoist a heavier load.

Antique Jewelry? Best substitute yet. Antique Engagement rings are timeless and rich with romance and the spirit of love.  Do you like history and tradition?  Each piece of antique jewelry has a different and amazing story to tell and you can become a part of it. Our thinking is that if you go with antique jewelry, you are by nature a sentimental romantic, and that is a great thing to be.

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