Engagement Ring Trends of 2013

Engagement Ring Trends of 2013

It is the start of a brand new year and Wedding season is just around the corner. If you are trying to stay in fashion with an engagement ring, look no further. This is your guide to the engagement ring trends of 2013! Here you can find not only the main stone shapes that are in style, but settings and stone colors as well!

Lets start out with stones

Picking the stone to emphasize your metal setting can be the most tricky part in buying a ring. The stone really does play a major role in fashion and should something you love! Luckily the engagement trends this year are beautiful stones such as Cushion, Emerald, Oval and Pear shaped. The Emerald Cut has been top of the charts for years now and can be seen on many celebrities fingers like Beyonce Knowles. This ring is unique in the fact that because of the cut of the stone it appears more white and internally flawless than it actually is.

Emerald Shaped Diamond

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The Cushion cut is sometimes mistaken for the Asscher cut shape because of the rounded square shapes. Cushion cut is a more refracted rounded out diamond. This shaped diamond looks amazing in so many metal settings!

Oval and Pear shaped are the last trending diamond shapes of the year! Pear shaped diamonds are a new trend that has been worn by plenty of woman throughout the world. What is great about this shape is that the teardrop-like shape gives a larger perspective to the stone. Which means the stone appears larger! The Oval shaped diamond is another popular stone! It can be used in basically any setting you want which makes it a more affordable shape!


Trending Stone Colors!

Many celebrities have been seen wearing the most dazzling and colorful engagement rings, which is making the public want to own stones exactly like that!!! Some popular stone colors which are trending are the blue sapphire, Canary Yellow diamonds, Cognac diamonds and Champagne colored diamonds!

Kate Middleton is one of the proud owners of the late Princess Diana’s Blue sapphire and diamond engagement ring. The uniqueness of the main stone of the engagement ring not being a diamond gives the effect of interest. People find the blue so unique and different that it is on the most wanted list this year!

Canary Yellow Diamond

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Canary yellow diamonds have been on the trending list for years now, this is a color diamond that wont fade out anytime soon! Owning a canary diamond shows that you are wealthy and sophisticated, but also gives you a sense of excitement! The pop of color is refreshing to see and can potentially be a good prop to your wedding!

Cognac and champagne are colors that are lesser known than sapphire and canary yellow, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t just as stunning! These colors are more on the brown side of the color spectrum. They are very classy and rare to see in an engagement ring!

These diamond shapes and colors are going to be in style for a while. If you really want to make your friends and families jealous wow them with one of these amazing engagement ring trends!

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