Engagement Ring Trends: The Canary Diamond

At some point in time, canary diamonds were thought to be inferior – but times have changed. Now famous athletes and Hollywood starlets are being caught wearing these rare yellow diamonds, and proudly at that. It’s shocking to think that people were once not to fond of these diamonds considering true diamond connoisseurs see them as the ultimate diamond and the most valuable.

Engagement Ring Trends: The Canary Diamond

Some celebrities you’ll see associated with canary diamond engagements rings are Paris Hilton, Dennis Quaid, Heidi Klum, and Johnny Damon, among many others. These diamonds represent sophistication and class and definitely turn heads, meaning they are perfect for the bride who loves being the center of attention and admires unique beauty.

Because canary engagement rings are so rare, a typical jeweler probably won’t even sell one in their lifetime. If you are looking into purchasing a canary diamond ring, you should really do your research and remember to apply the 4 Cs of diamond quality to make sure you aren’t buying a less-than-quality diamond. In fact, you could even bring in a gemologist to check the validity and purity of the diamond you are looking to purchase. You don’t want to accidentally give your bride-to-be a phony canary diamond!

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