Can you Guess These Engagement Rings

Can you Guess These Engagement Rings

Can you Guess These Engagement Rings?! We have listed 4 stars, we want to test your celebrity jewelry knowledge! Heres a clue these are recent engagements!

Can You Guess This Celebrity Engagement Ring?

This celebrity is most known for her fierce attitude. She is an intense rocker and is most known for being with sk8ter boys. This ring is a humungous pear shaped diamond with rounded trapezoid side stones.  Obviously her beau has great taste. Heres a little hint this is her second marriage, the first was to a canadian lead singer of a rock band. The second was the lead singer to a band with the word “Nickel” in the name.

Can You Guess This Celebrity Engagement Ring

This celebrity is part of a Brit girl band. She just recently got engaged this past week! We love this ring, it is a three stone round diamond engagement ring set in platinum. It is so simple yet elegant at the same time. Here’s a clue to who she is engaged to: he is also part of a Brit boy band that was discovered on a British talent show!

Who Wears This Ring? Can You Guess

This ring is so vintage! We love it! Can you guess which lucky lady this ring belongs to? Here a little inside info, the ring is owned by a stunning Victoria’s Secret model. She just recently became engaged this summer. Her man is the lead singer of a famous rock band that has been around for years! This couple looks so good together is hurts. The ring is completely vintage, the center stone looks like an oval set horizontally so the shape appears unique! We love it!

Which Celebrity Does this Ring Belong ToLast, but certainly not least can you guess this celebrity engagement ring? If you read our posts reguarly you would know who it belongs to. This is a Tiffany & Co. custom made engagement ring. The fashion icon has stated this ring reminds her of her father which is why she was so fond on the design. She loved her ring so much she posted a photo on Instagram of her showing off her “manicure” she just so happened to be wearing an engagement ring with it! Sneakyyy This rocker chick has a stunning engagement ring, can you guess who it belongs to?

1. Avril Lavigne

2. Perrie Edwards

3. Behati Prinsloo

4. Kelly Osbourne

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