Engagement Rings: Is it Time to Upgrade?

Diamonds on Deck!

In today’s relationships, there always comes a time when you begin to question your original diamond engagement ring. Depending on your original stone whether its flawless or flawed, or smaller then a pea, many women find that after years of marriage they want to upgrade their diamond ring. Some men may question why we would ever want to change our original ring and the answer is “the reasons are endless”. Your taste may have changed, you may now be able to afford something that you would have never been able to in the past, or your diamond is damaged. Whatever the reason may be, you will be able to reaffirm your love for each other that has lasted through the years.

Upgraded Center Stone

Be forewarned ladies, unless it was your husbands idea, this discussion can potentially lead to a war zone. Sometimes whoever brings up this topic may offend his/her spouse by wanting to replace something that has immeasurable value, but try not to look at it in that light. In some cases, couples who are married young are unable to afford the ring that they would rather have, but that doesn’t take away the love that it symbolizes. Unless you are sure this wont open old wounds, be cautious in asking for a bigger and better diamond, yours just might have more symbolic value then you would have ever thought possible. Not only for you but for the person who picked it out.

Jaw dropping engagement ring!

They say that diamonds are forever, but that rule doesn’t always apply to the diamond ring. I always thought that a women should never compare the size of her diamond ring to the love of her spouse. And this is something I still stand firmly by today. However I am not opposed to upgrading your diamond ring after years of marriage. Now there isn’t a specific time of when you are eligible to upgrade your diamond, but there is certain manners you should keep in mind. Our advice on when it is an appropriate time to upgrade your diamond ring would be anywhere after 10 years of marriage. This would be the perfect anniversary gift for her or even for yourself. What could be a better way to celebrate your love then upgrading the ring that started it all!

Upgraded!!!If you are someone who isn’t crazy about the center stone, but has fallen in love with the setting over the years, there is hope in finding a solution. Its as simple as scheduling a consultation with your local jeweler, you can have your original style ring just made bigger and shinier! In many cases when couples are first engaged they can only afford a pebble of a diamond, and that by no means it was a pebble of a marriage. But to upgrade something that is so special to you, something that you wear everyday, and something that you create together, will just reaffirm the love you have for each other. Plus your diamond ring will be the talk of the town!

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