Engagement Rings That Won’t Fade out of Style

Engagement Rings That Won’t Fade out of Style

Engagement Rings are like a piece of your relationship that can flourish until the end of time. The symbolism of a diamond ring is the eternity of it a diamond is timeless and depending on the setting, so is the ring. Most engagement rings are hot trends within the moment, but gently fade into a thing of the past. Here is a helpful reminder of what is considered a classy and unforgettable engagement look.

Solitaire Engagement Ring

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A solitaire ring with a smooth thin band is the most distinguished out of all the rings. It has no chance of going out of style due to the fact it has been acclaimed to be one of the oldest style of engagement rings created! Solitaire rings can be dolled up a bit, you can add a fancy cut diamond such as a marquise, oval, princess, asscher cut and so much more! The setting can also become iced up with diamonds! There are so many options for this ring that it would be impossible to become bored!

Split Shank Diamond Ring

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The Three Stone engagement ring is another timeless ring that won’t disappear at the end of the decade! This ring symbolizes a diamond for your relationships past, present and of course the future. The most common diamond cut used in this traditional setting is a round diamond. If you are the type that completely hates round cut diamonds, don’t worry the round diamond is not the only shape you have to get in this ring, the next type of cut used in a three stone engagement ring is the princess cut!

Split shank rings are an interesting setting that has been used for generations and is a beautiful setting that has been seen on Beyonce Knowles, Kendra Wilkinson and Blake Lively! The great things about this setting is it transforms your diamond into a one of a kind stone. The setting allows so much light in and a diamond has such a high refraction that it creates the illusion that the diamond is colorless. Depending on the thickness of the split shank setting determines how big of a stone you should have. If you have a thin split shank a huge rock is definitely a necessity.

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