Fall Proposal Ideas to Start Thinking About Now

engagement proposal ideas

Fall is always a beautiful time of year, the leaves start to change colors, the temperature starts to cool down without it being unbearably cold, great changes happen during this season.  Why not use this appealing season to plan a special occasion for you and your loved one, including a proposal?

engagement proposal ideas

I know.. You’re probably thinking “But it’s only May?!”. But as we all know, proper planning is a major key at executing a proposal she’ll remember for a lifetime.  With the Fall season approaching in a few months, the possibilities are endless for creating amazing proposal ideas for all you Autumn lovers.

engagement proposal ideas

Maybe you enjoy relaxing by the ocean, hiking the Rocky Mountains, or taking a romantic helicopter ride.  Nothing shows your dedication and devotion like a well thought out proposal idea.  Check out some of these awesome engagement proposal ideas for the Fall.

One of the first things that come to mind when I think of the Fall season is wine tasting.  Especially if your boo is a wine aficionado, you might find yourself thinking this is the perfect idea.  Make a reservation at the vineyard of your choice and let them know how you plan on making this day extra special.  Take a stroll around the vineyard near sunset and end your tour at a private table set up with her favorite bottle of wine and cheese plate.  *In comes the ring* Make sure to see if someone working can capture the special moment for you with pics and videos.  Oftentimes vineyards even offer personalized wine bottles for you to take home.  Talk about the perfect way to commemorate your special day.

engagement proposal ideas

Are you and your significant other known as the outdoorsy couple that loves any activity dealing with being in nature?  If you live in a state that gets to experience the change of seasons, take advantage of this innate beauty that occurs during the Fall.  Take a walk through your local park and end with a special picnic setup. Utilize the beautiful and vibrant changing color of the leaves as your natural backdrop for engagement photos.  This authentic proposal idea is simple but when planned out screams romantic. She won’t be able to say no.

engagement proposal ideas

Another unique proposal idea for the Fall might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but I love it!  Halloween is definitely a holiday loved by many adults. Some people actually get married on Halloween and have a themed wedding!  So why not incorporate this fun holiday into an engagement proposal idea?  Carve some pumpkins, write out a cute message for your honey asking her to marry you.  Is she into haunted houses?  Set up your own special haunted house and find a playful way to pop the question.

Whatever route you decide to go.  She’ll definitely be able to tell the effort and love you put into creating a unique proposal idea special for just her.

Have any other ideas you think would make an awesome Fall engagement proposal?

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