Fashion Trends and Colors of Spring

There are 10 new colors that have been to this spring seasons fashion list, a Monaco blue, a dusk blue, Tender Shoots green, emerald green, Lemon Zest Yellow, linen which is a beige like color, Poppy Red, Grayed jade, African violet and Nectarine which is a light orange. Here are some amazing pieces of jewelry which should tie in perfect with this years colors!

Monoco Blue

Sapphire Cocktail Ring


This sapphire cocktail ring is the perfect shade of blue that ties in with this springs colors! A cocktail ring can be worn with any occasion to help accessorize an outfit. This ring would also compliment with the other fashion color of the season, dusky blue! If you add some of that to your outfit you can really make a statement!



Cartier Dusk Blue Watch

Cartier Tank with Dusk Blue Strap

This Diamond Cartier Tank watch can be worn on any occasion. The dusk blue strap really gives it a casual feel which would make this watch stunning to wear with a good pair of khaki pants, a white button down shirt, a statement necklace and of course this watch!


Tender Shoots Color

Tender Shoots Cocktail Ring

 The Tender Shoots color, which resembles more of a lime green color can be a tricky color to conquer. This color can usually be worn with yellows, beige and an assortment of different shades of greens! The cocktail ring is once again a great addition to an already spectacular outfit!

Gray Jade Necklace

Gray Jade Necklace

 Grayed Jade is a beautiful toned down shade of green. Did you know that every green color matches each other no matter what? A good way to integrate this shade of green with other shades is to wear a vibrant pair of green shorts and a muted shirt so that the necklace can really stand  out!

Emerald Ring

Emerald Ring

An emerald ring has grown into more than just a gemstone cocktail ring. If you plan on becoming engaged in the spring give an emerald a chance! Halle Berry and even Jackie O has Emerald engagement rings! These can emphasize uniqueness and also tie into this spring’s colors.

Linen Color

Diamond Buckle Ring

Linen is the clean classy color that can can be accomplished by wearing a khaki skirt, pants or any bottom with an elegant matching top. Diamonds are timeless and basically match anything. This wont take away from the muted look you’ve created so a diamond ring, necklace or earrings is a great jewelry accessory.

Poppy Red

Poppy Red Drop Earrings

Poppy Red is one of the most vibrant of the colors on this list. Although these earrings aren’t clearly as bright it will still tie in perfect with your outfit! These drop earrings will make any outfit have something fun and interesting about it!

lemon zest

Angela Cummings Pearl Earrings

For the yellow spring color, obviously a nice pair of yellow gold studs would compliment your yellow outfit. A nice Lemon Zest sun dress with a simple pair of yellow good studs would be the perfect accessory for your outfit.


nectarine Pendant

Nectarine is a shade of orange that has a little more white hues incorporated to give it a more light feel. Citrine is the gemstone pictured above. This is the closest jewelry accessory to match that specific color tone. Like its name Citrine is a very citrusy color that ties in with oranges, yellows and beige’s.

African Violet

African Violet Amethyst Pendant

Amethyst is one of the most popular of all the gemstones! This pendant is a tad bit darker than the actual African Violet, but this pendant will still compliment fabulously! A great outfit pairing for this would be a white dress and an African Violet cardigan with this pendant on a thin chain!

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