The Father’s Day Gift Guide

The Father’s Day Gift Guide

The day is approaching fast, Father’s Day, do you have a gift? Dads are one of the hardest people to shop for because of how basic their preferences are. So what do you get for a guy who doesn’t ask for much? We have compiled the perfect list of items your dad would cherish for his day! 

For the Fancy Dad: Father's Day Gifts

Fancy Fathers

There are definitely different types of dads in the world. The two main categories are fancy dads, and of course the sporty dad. For the fancy dad we have collected a few high-end items that with a few paychecks saved can make him very happy. The first is Beats by Dre, these babies are one of the most used headphones in the industry. They have impeccable sound quality and built in noise canceling through the suction of the cusps. If your dad is doing long commutes of the Subway, or just wants to get to work without being bothered this is the gift for him.

The travel mug is also something necessary for all fancy dads on the go. The mug we chose actually has a built in thermometer to let your dad know when it is safe for him to take a sip of his brown brew.

Nespresso machines are also on the rise, but this gift can be a bit pricey. The simplest Nespresso machine costs about $99. If your dad already has the cool machine capsules for the coffee maker can be quite expensive so get him some more of those for the holiday! There are various outlets where the capsules are sold cheaper, for example!

Other gifts include some new ties, MensWarehouse currently is having a buy one get one free special on their ties. A new watch can help your dad keep an eye on the time as well as look stylish. Last, a new briefcase for easy pack-and-go traveling.

Sporty Dads: Father's Day Gifts

Sporty Dad

Sporty dads are the dads that are the fixer uppers, the dads that don’t care to get dirty, they grill and they workout and they love to have fun! If your dad lives in an apartment and has a hard time grilling, get him one of these cool balcony grills! All you have to do is hang it off of a sturdy balcony railing and you’re good to go, it is not only a unique gift, but something he will use on the regular.

Golf club drink dispenser for when he is tired and needs a quick class of water, soda or whisky. When you’re out on the greens sometimes you don’t want to stop for a drink you rather just have it with you on the go. The golf club dispenser gives the illusion you are just golfing, but actually holds your most prized possession, fluids.

Whether it be something small like a card, find meaning in whatever you get for your father. Dad is the reason you are here today and deserves a nice gesture for all the hard work he has done! We appreciate dads at EngagementRingGurus and can’t wait to celebrate with him! Goodluck on finding the perfect gift!

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