Engagement Ring Shopping ~ Finding Her Ring Size in 6 Sneaky Steps

Engagement Ring Shopping

So you’ve found the girl of your dreams and it’s time to pop the question. You’ve prepared well and have everything planned perfectly: the place, the diamond, the heartfelt speech…but wait, you forgot one important factor. What the hell is her ring size? Well don’t worry, we’ve got some tips to help you secretly figure out the ring size for your future fiancée.

  1. Phone a friend: always a useful lifeline. Get a friend or family member of your girlfriend on the phone. They may by some chance have purchased a ring for her before for a special occasion (sweet 16, graduation, etc.). If they aren’t sure, you could always recruit them to work alongside you as an accomplice. Starting to sound kind of fun, don’t you think?
  2. Try to sneak one of her rings out of the house. Think of it as borrowing, not stealing! However, make sure the ring you “borrow” is one that fits her left ring finger. Then you can take it to a jeweler and have them tell you what size it is.
  3. Can’t take the ring from her home? No problem. Try on one of her rings and then mark the place it fits on your finger.  Then head over to a jeweler and have them figure out her ring size that way. If you don’t particularly enjoy wearing women’s jewelry, make an impression of the ring on a bar of soap and take it in to be measured.engagement ring shopping
  4. To accomplish this way, you’ll need to have some impressive skills…or a girlfriend who is a heavy sleeper. While she is off dreaming blissfully and completely unaware of your motives, wrap a piece of string around her finger to mark the size. Seriously, though, don’t try this on a light sleeper! You will be caught!
  5. Tell her it’s for someone else. This will be the most dangerous way to find out her ring size – so this is for expert-level detectives only! You may be able to divulge her ring size by telling her you want to buy a ring for your sister or mother. Just say you want an estimated size or just flat out ask what size she wears as something to compare it to. If you don’t think you can pull this off smoothly, don’t try!
  6. Worst case scenario: size up! If you are completely and utterly lost with no hope of ever finding out her ring size, get it a little larger and then have it resized. However, rings with intricate gems placed along the ring may not be able to be resized, so ask the jeweler to be sure.

Hopefully these sneaky tips will help you get a somewhat accurate measurement for the ring you are planning to give the woman you plan on spending the rest of your life with. Good luck to you!

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