Flowers in Season for your Perfect Wedding Bouquet

Flowers in Season for your Perfect Wedding Bouquet

Perfect Summer Flowers for a Bouquet

Summer is the season for weddings and who wouldn’t want an amazing bouquet to tie the whole event together?! We have made a list of our favorite summer time flowers to help you decide what the perfect flower bouquet should be!

The list goes on for pages on Flowers.Org.Uk, but we decided to pick our favorites!

  • Rose
  • Calla Lily
  • Lilac
  • Hypericum
  • Godetia
  • Dendrobium Orchid
  • Delphinium
  • Hydrandrea
  • Peonies
  • Gloriosa
  • Chrysanthemum
  • Lily of the Valley
  • Sweet Pea
  • Bouvardia


Lets start out with roses. This is a given…roses are the most used flower in a wedding bouquet. They are so versatile and are bred in almost every color on the spectrum. The only downfall to a summer wedding is black and blue aren’t in season.

Peonies Peonies: The Perfect Wedding Flower

Peonies are some of the most used flowers for wedding bouquets. They are so girly and colorful, we love them. Luckily they are in season for summer time so you won’t be constricted when it comes to these fabulous flowers!

Calla Lily

These bell shaped flowers are perfect for a wedding. They have a sturdy wax exterior and a bright yellow center. The most common is the white Calla Lily, but they do come in yellow shades, red shades, orange, pink and purple as well. We highly recommend these because the colors are considered very “Warm” which is what summer is all about!


These are more like greenery to fill in the bouquet. We would consider this an “accent” piece to your bouquet. There are small berries and really tie the whole appearance together.


A lilac is a beautiful purple flower that sprouts in a cluster. This is a nice flower, it is mainly produced in purple, but there are other colors such as white and blue. We would recommend a blue or white because it is more beachy and summery.


This is one of our favorite flowers! It is so delicate and beautiful. There is a large assortment of colors such as blue, white, purple, hot pink, mixed pinks, etc. This flower is VERY fragile because of the dainty petals.

Dendrobium Orchid

Orchids are almost always in season. There is an array of species within the Dendrobium family. We highly recommend this because of the plethora of options to choose from. Great Summer Bouquets


If you are looking for a statement bouquet you will find it with these flowers. They grow in a vertical cluster. They consist of deep blue’s, whites and vibrant purples. The blue tones come in a spectrum of colors ranging from pale blue to navy.


This is a puffy statement flower. It is basically the whole bouquet all you need is some accent berries. This is perfect for a summer wedding because of the array of colors and fluffy appearance!


These are such complex flowers. They are squiggly yellow and red flowers that can either be used as accent flowers or the main flower. We like these because they are interesting and draw the eye. They also are yellow and red which are such summer colors!


These are very big flowers. They are puffy yet sturdy and they come in every summer color. They are very attractive and make a bouquet stunning! We recommend for a wedding bouquet using different colors of Chrysanthemums and small green berries.

Lily of the ValleySummertime Flowers that are Perfect for Weddings

This is an infamous flower is seen on hit shows such as Breaking Bad and is even used as the main flower for Greek organizations! It is a bell shaped white flower that droops down. It only comes in white and is considered elegant and classy. Perfect for a sophisticated bride.

Sweet Pea

This isn’t only a scent at Bath and Body Works! Sweet pea is a pink cluster of delicate petals. It has purples and pinks and very girly colors. These flowers make perfect accent flowers!


Bouvardia flowers are known as the wedding flower. They are almost always used as accent flowers for a bouquet. We recommend them because they are not only sturdy, but they are the perfect flower to tie your whole bouquet together!

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