Getting More Bling for Your Buck

Diamond-Alternative Gemstone Engagement Rings

Getting more bling for your buck in today’s jewelery market can be difficult, but don’t go digging into your savings just yet. We have some great tips to get your dream ring and save you some cash in the process. Whether it’s a clear stone that is just as sparkly as the real thing, or a colored stone that will set your ring apart from the rest, we’ve come up with some great alternative gems that will look just as gorgeous a real diamond!



From the deepest depths of the sea, to the highest point in the sky, aquamarine varies on the scale of the blue spectrum. Most popular in light blue, aquamarine is one of the best-known gemstones around the world, many big name designers prefer to use aquamarine in their jeweler line. Bringing out the best color in “you”,  this gemstone is known for flattering every skin tone. Who wouldn’t want this blue beauty on their wedding finger? I know I would!



If you’re in the market for a ring that has glamor, color, and hardiness of a diamond, without the price tag, a moissanite might be the perfect gemstone for you. First discovered 120 years ago, these beautiful clear (or sometimes green or yellow) stones were mistaken for diamonds. They are just behind diamonds as the second hardest mineral in the world, making them a more than adequate substitute when well-cut. Pair with a Gold setting and diamond halo for added sparkle.



Better known as green amethyst, or vermarine, prasiolite is a like a quartz crystal or cluster that is green in color. Often cut as a gemstone, prasiolite is actually quite rare in nature.When set in a white gold setting with a diamond halo, Prasiolite creates a perfect unique ring for your engagement. This color is perfectly subtle and sweet, bold enough for those who want to stand out and have a rare piece!



Amethyst is known for its color, it is as unique as it is seductive, it is said that this gemstone is said to protect its wearer against seduction and drunkenness. Although today it is worn for its natural beauty in color. Amethyst is very durable, it may not be quite as hard as diamonds, but they’re still very sustainable and at a fraction of the price! Pair the lavender hue with white or rose gold for a gorgeous, romantic engagement ring!



As one of the most popular gemstone, sapphires are a variety of the mineral corundum and aluminum oxide that is found in nature. Colors vary from pink, blue, yellow, even star sapphires in which case contain intersecting needle-like inclusions following the underlying stone that causes the appearance of a “star”-shaped pattern. Light colors such as peach and champagne sapphires can give your ring the diamond-like look.  Sapphires are beautiful with paired gold and diamonds, they create an elegant look that is sure to blow the traditional engagement rings right out of the water!

… forget the traditional white Diamond ring, and step out with a little pop of color!!

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