What is so Special About GIA Certification?

What is so Special About GIA Certification?


So you are in the market for an engagement ring, but you don’t really understand what GIA is, means, or why you should even trust it. GIA is actually the number one trusted institute for diamond grading world-wide. There are extreme measures that go in to deciding the color, clarity, cut, and carat weight of your diamond. Most jewelers pride themselves on having GIA certified stones because it does make the value rise. 

GIA mentions in a short video on their website GIA.edu that they have come up with 4 attributes that can grade a diamond, this is used as a universal language for gemologists to come up with the correct grading of your diamond. GIA offers a program to people who want to become GIA certified, this way you can give a correct estimate of what you think the 4 attributes of a diamond are.


The first property is color. GIA gemologists scientifically examine the diamonds extensively with high quality, strong lights. The gemologists look through a microscope and take time to see if there are color deficiencies. Then it is passed in a small box with undisclosed information to another diamond specialist so they can come up with a diamond grading, hopefully both specialists had a similar diagnoses of the color.


The clarity stage is a bit more extensive. GIA has a chart from Flawless – I3 which helps them decide the proper clarity characteristic of the diamond. Flawless means that the diamond has no obvious inclusions, even with a 10x magnifying. If a diamond has too many inclusions it can take brightness, fire and dull the stone out dramatically. It is safe to stay above an I for clarity.


Although, cut can be misconstrued as being the shape of the diamond this is completely false. The cut is the way the stone was cut and polished. Depending on the overall cut a diamond can be more or less fluorescent, shiny, sparkly, etc. You want an excellent cut diamond so you can get a kick out of all the facets! For example if you are getting your finger nails cut by a manicurist, you don’t want them to file them unevenly or ridged. This can cause an unfortunate aesthetic.

Carat Weight

We always say here at Engagement Ring Gurus that the carat-weight is the customers preference and we stick by that. At GIA however they have special machines that gives the correct carat weight down to the T. The scientist places the diamond in a small cup that encloses and spins around until a to-the-decimal number for carat weight is determined. 1 carat is 200 mg. GIA certificates will show all these exact measurements.

It is important to ask if your stone has been GIA certified. This is one of the only ways to know the TRUE characteristics of your diamond. For investment purposes you should always have proper knowledge of your business endeavors. GIA actually now can inscribe a small number into your stone (not noticeable to the naked eye, only seen through a jewelers loop) and this helps if you misplace your certificate or if crime was involved.

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