Gifts for Milestone Anniversaries: Modern vs. Traditional

Celebrating your love year after year has been an age old tradition dating back to Adam and Eve times, however its the milestone anniversaries that calls for some real celebrating. Use this time to really show your man how much you love him with a gift that puts a new spin on old traditions. If you were to Google “Milestone Anniversary Gifts” a list of rather vague materials pop up for traditional anniversary gifts. Although this can not be exactly what you had in mind when the traditional gift reads “Tin”, however you can turn this traditional gift into an out of the box idea with these great tips!

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1st Anniversary: Paper

A traditional gift for making it through the first year of marriage should be a trophy, however it is paper. Don’t take this literally, it isn’t a plain piece of paper, it can be anything, the options are limitless. If you two never got a proper honeymoon, or you are due for a vacation, possibly plane, or cruise tickets would be a great spin on the paper tradition.

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5th Anniversary: Wood

May seem like an odd gift to give your partner, especially after spending 5 years together, but again there are many options. Depending on your man, and his hobbies you will be able to pick up something clever by just keeping an eye out for his favorite down time activities. If your hubby is a major sports fan, get a signed piece from his favorite player and have it placed in a wooden case or framed. If your man is more of the handyman, a new set of tools would be perfect for him. Or maybe he is more of a workaholic, possibly a new desk will show your love for him. Mix it up and play with ideas.

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10th Anniversary: Aluminum/Tin

Coming up with an aluminum or tin gift that your man will actually enjoy might seem like a challenge, but you will be surprised at how much fun you can have with this anniversary. For example, airplanes are made from aluminum alloy, if planned correctly, this can turn into a surprise vacation that will be truly unforgettable. However if a spectacular getaway is not in your budget, a gag gift such as a 6 pack of canned beer and a night in without the kids could be just what the doctor ordered. If you are more of the adventurous outdoorsy type, a new road bike for your exercise enthusiast man may be perfect.

Travel with the one you love!

25th Anniversary: Silver

You have spent 25 years together, through good times and bad you have stuck together its time to make this anniversary something special. Silver is the traditional gift for 25 years of marriage, show your partner some love with a piece of jewelery or time piece. Sterling silver is an easy find when it comes to jewelery, you can fancy it up a bit more and add your own engravings in the piece to commemorate your wedding day so many years ago!

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50th Anniversary: Gold

Congratulations you have made it 50 years this is a time to pay tribute to your love with some serious gift giving. Throw yourself a party, its time to celebrate the love and magic that has lasted 50 years. Give your hubby the ultimate gift, gold watch, a new gold wedding band, or simply a gold dress that he will get to unwrap later in the night. Pure gold!

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Your anniversary is a time to look back on the life and love you have created together. Celebrate your love the best way possible! Get creative and show them some love! Remember “love is not a matter of counting the years, but making the years count!”

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