Great Gatsby Inspired Jewelry for Less

Great Gatsby Inspired Jewelry for Less

The film that has everyone inching to the edge of their seat, The Great Gatsby has inspired a whole new trend of jewelry and style. Art Deco inspired jewelry has taken over 2013 from hit television shows such as Downton Abbey, sequences in American Horror Story and the movie that everyone is currently raving about The Great Gatsby.

Jewelers such as Tiffany & Company have released an assortment of vintage style jewelry, but the pricing is a bit drastic. We have found jewelry that will make a statement for less of a cost than you can imagine.

Great Gatsby Inspired Headpiece

This piece above is only $70.00 listed on yanethandco Etsy store. The Tiffany & Co. Headpiece is listed at a price of $200,000. Obviously you are saving a lot of money and you are still getting the same overall look. The Tiffany’s headpiece has approximately 25 carats and is set in platinum. Of course recreating this style is going to be easy you just have to reevaluate if you want to spend or save.

Beside headpieces the jazz age presents more jewelry. A trend that is sweeping the nation is the art deco inspired engagement ring. These rings can range in price, but the best thing to do is find a trusted jeweler and do your research on the ring itself! Never forget to research! Here is a ring that is half the price that a jeweler like tacori will sell.

Vintage Style Engagement Ring

This ring is 1.21 carats and is set in platinum. The price is 11,755 which is a great price for a diamond engagement ring set in platinum. If you were to find this same ring on a website like Graff, Tacori or Tiffany’s you would be spending twice as much. This vintage ring style is trending right now so the price has inflated. Finding a jeweler that is customer oriented is a must.

Finding your perfect jewelry to feel nostalgic and classically vintage is easier than it looks. Make sure that whatever it is that you want to buy you go on various websites and look around to make sure you can get your item with a steal!

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