Hair Jewelry for Your Wedding Day

Sometimes jewelry that you choose to go with your wedding gown just isn’t enough. If this is the case for you, the perfect final touch for your wedding look is a hair accessory. This can be anything from a quirky feather headband to a traditional tiara – either way, the piece you choose should perfectly represent your personality. Here are some of the trendiest hair accessories out there to help pull your whole look together on your wedding day.

Hair Jewelry for Your Wedding Day

Jewel Embellished Gilded Comb: This is for a delicate bride. It is a small hair accessory that transforms you into a glamorous bride – just tuck a few strands to the side with the comb for a soft feminine touch.

Feather Flower: If you really want to make a statement, opt for a feather flower hair accessory. These are chic and stylish and look great with a bun or tousled braid. This is a bold piece for the young, fierce, and contemporary bride.

Crystal Barrette: This hairpiece never goes out of style and tends to be found on the young chirpy brides with short hair. A crystal barrette on side-parted hair will add sparkle and spunk to your chic wedding day style.

Veiled Hair Pin: Veils have come a long way from the traditional long flowing style. Now brides are choosing the cute, romantic and stylish veil pin that helps flatter your hairstyle on your wedding day. After the wedding ceremony, you can simply take off the veil and leave in the beautiful hairpin for the reception.

Jeweled Headband: Jeweled headbands are the most timeless and elegant of hairpieces and suit virtually all brides and hairstyles. These can come in a variety of styles, such as crystal, pearl, and jewel embellished headbands.

Crystal Hair Ties: Crystal hair ties look great on brides with long hair and make a beautiful statement. Just softly curl the lower strands of your hair and tie them to the side with the crystal hair ties for a glamorous look.

Pearl Hairpins: Pearl hairpins are soft and delicate and give you a classic look on your big day. With these, you are taking grace and elegance to the next level.

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