Halloween Wedding Theme Made Spooktacular

Would you dare to say your “I do’s” on the scariest night of the year? Some of you may not even consider having their wedding on Halloween, but there are those of you who wouldn’t flinch at the idea. While many girls dream of a beautiful spring wedding with white roses and pretty pastels, there are plenty of less-traditional brides out there who would prefer a darker and spookier ceremony. For those brides-to-be, October is the perfect time to tie the knot. Surprisingly Halloween is a popular date to tie the knot. It isn’t for the faint hearted but for those couples who just cant get enough of the season! From elegant trick or treat finger foods, to the festive fall color scheme, the style of your wedding is something to be remembered for years to come!

With so many themed Weddings these days, why not push the envelope with your wedding and turn it into a Halloween extravaganza. Start out by choosing a theme that will best fit your budget, some of our favorite themed weddings are the day-of-the-dead, vampire diaries, or even start by creating your own walking dead wedding. The options are endless. Be sure to include your attire on your invitations, be clear and firm on your dress code, whatever it may be.  Have your guest show up wearing a costume for which ever theme you choose. With all of your guests dressed in their costumes you will create an ambiance that no one will be able to resist! Just think of how cool the photos will turn out!

When it comes to choosing the venue of your wedding, spare no expense when it comes to nature. Fall is one of the most beautiful times of the year, from the cool brisk air, to the vibrant colors of the leaves, it is known to bring about change. Use the autumn atmosphere to your advantage by having your wedding outside or in a place that compliments your Halloween theme. By adding foliage and fall accents, the decor will be stunning and will be a perfect match for your big day!Push the envelope a bit further with themed drinks and goodies! Dry ice always is a crowd pleaser!

Attire for the Bride and Groom is always a show stopper, especially when it falls on Halloween. Depending on your theme, choose a dress that will not only compliment your features, but something that will fit right in to the spooky holiday. Anything goth or steam punk rock would do great. Some brides will even go as far as to buying a normal wedding gown and end up destroying it with fake blood and guts. Whether your big day is full of spiders, zombies or witches, plan on enjoying it with family and friends around. They will be sure to enjoy the gory, gutsy, plunge that is known as marriage, on this spooky celebrated holiday. You can be sure that no one will ever forget your scary night of love.

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