Halo vs Solitaire Engagement Rings #TacoriTuesday

halo vs solitaire engagement rings

In honor of #TacoriTuesday I thought we’d kick off this Tuesday examining some of Tacori’s Halo and Solitaire engagement rings.

For those of you not familiar with the trendy luxury line, Tacori has been one of the top designers in the bridal and fine jewelry industry.  Tacori has a variety of collection within their repertoire from Tacori RoyalT, Tacori Gold, Classic Crescent, and Blooming Beauties to name a very few.

Within each Tacor

i collection they offer an assortment of engagement ring styles.  Beautiful Solitaire, Halo, and 3 Stones settings.  Whether you’re actively searching for your engagement ring or simply browsing available options out there, two thoughts will probably cross your mind.. Halo or Solitaire?

The solitaire engagement ring setting has been an iconic classic for decades and decades. On the other hand, you have the halo engagement ring that has grown expeditiously in popularity over the last few years.  So what do you choose?  Which engagement ring setting do you fancy the most?  With so many beautiful options, it was only right to examine some of our favorite Tacori rings in this edition of “halo vs solitaire engagement rings”.

Solitaire Engagement Rings

halo vs solitaire engagement rings

Solitaire engagement rings have been a classic favorite.  Nothing says timeless beauty quite like the solitaire.

In the ever growing world of halo engagement rings, solitaire engagement rings offer a unique and different style.  Your engagement ring will definitely stand out.

Just because you go the classic solitaire engagement ring route doesn’t mean you can’t have fun with customization either.  This sophisticated setting offers many options from colored metals like rose gold and yellow gold solitaires, to solitaire engagement rings with diamond bands.  Your center stone is the star of the show, have fun exploring with round, oval, princess and even marquise cut diamonds.

halo vs solitaire engagement rings

Some things to keep in mind when selecting a solitaire engagement ring.  Buying one large diamond will cost more than if you were to buy a halo setting that features a cluster of small diamonds. In some cases, you can end up paying less for a halo engagement ring with the same carat weight as one center diamond.

halo vs solitaire engagement rings

This is mainly due to the fact that larger diamonds are more valuable in comparison to a cluster of accent diamonds used to make a halo setting.  So while a halo engagement ring and a solitaire engagement ring may be made with the same carat weight, halos tend to give off a larger appearance.

Halo Engagement Rings

halo vs solitaire engagement rings

I’m sure you’ve caught onto the drift by now, but it’s obvious an extra ribbon of diamonds around your center stone, like in a halo engagement ring, make the appearance of your ring look larger.  Which tend to be one of the biggest advantages and appealing things about halo engagement rings vs solitaire engagement rings.

Since you’re also purchasing a cluster of smaller diamonds instead of one large diamond, like you would for a solitaire, you end up with more carat weight for less.

halo vs solitaire engagement rings

Halo engagement rings definitely give that bold pop of diamonds look. Most women love these glamorous engagement rings because of the of the big bling appearance.

On the flip side, if your center stone is already pretty large, chances are halo engagement rings might be too extra for your taste.

halo vs solitaire engagement rings

You also want to take into account that with halo engagement rings vs solitaire engagement rings, because a cluster of smaller diamonds are used this means more care and upkeep is needed to keep your ring in top condition.


Next time you’re scrolling through your Instagram feed, screenshot that solitaire or halo engagement ring you can’ get enough of.

Whichever route you do choose to go when it comes to solitaire vs halo engagement rings, you won’t be disappointed.  Next time you decide to go window shopping, actually go inside your local jewelry store and try on few styles.  Get a real feel for how each style fits – this will help you decide whether a halo or solitaire engagement ring is right for you.


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