How to Make an Engagement Ring Hard to Steal

How to Make an Engagement Ring Hard to Steal

Get it Appraised! Before stepping into marriage you should take some precautions to ensure your beautiful engagement ring stays liable! An engagement ring can cost more than a house so it is responsible to make sure you get it something called appraised. An appraisal is basically when you sit down with a jeweler and he examines your ring closely to find out the overall value and creates a list of details your ring has just in case it is stolen, lost, etc. It is definitely helpful for a police report if your ring ever does get stolen! An appraisal should also be done every one to two years just because of inflation and deflation.

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Send Your Diamond To GIA or a Diamond Inspection Agency! When you send your diamond out to be inspected GIA (Gemological Institution of America) or any renowned gemstone agency, usually they have previous records of a diamond so they can contact the person who previously owned if they put out a search for the missing stone.

Laser Inscribe Your Diamond! Laser inscription is the new thing to do because of the fact it protects your ring from any type of theft. Laser inscriptions are microscopic writings within the ring that can either have a message, serial number or the name of a company. The laser marking can be seen with a jewelers loop so when the diamond is inspected by a jeweler they can tell who owned this ring previously.

Don’t wear your engagement ring everywhere! Women think that just because they become married or engaged they have to wear the ring every where they go! This just makes the ring more likely to get taken from you! Especially if you take it off to wash your hands, eat messy foods, etc. Just find a secure place where you live or buy a mini safe!



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