Help the Help: How to Properly Tip Wedding Vendors

How to tip properly during your wedding

In most cases, gratuity will be calculated in your contracts. But for other vendors, tipping is not an obligation, but is welcomed and highly recommended. The rules of wedding etiquette are constantly changing, which makes it difficult for modern brides, grooms and guests to find today’s proper way to go about tipping the hired help. In many cases tips are included in the contract. However with a few exceptions, it’s not required to tip your vendors, although many couples may choose to  add gratuity after the event, with the amount depending on their performance. But how much is enough?

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Our best advice is to check with your caterer, or venue (which ever will provide any or all waitstaff) as well as any hair or makeup artists about how they distribute the tips. Hopefully their tips will be calculated in your contract. Otherwise, if its not, you should expect to add 20 percent to the total bill to provide gratuity. However if you are like the thousands of other couples who are hiring outside staff, such as valets for valet parking, washrooms clerks or even coat checks, try and arrange for them to be tipped individually by you.  Be sure to tell them to inform any guests who offer a tip that they are taken care of, because we all known what happens after a few glasses of champagne.


For all of the other vendors such as photographers or florists, provide tips based on performance. You might choose to decide based on the experience you have, or you might decide to offer tips to all, but remember to be fair. The best time to give a tip is at the end when you are paying out the bill, or if they did an exceptional job a hand written letter is always a nice gesture.

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Tips are also frequently given in gift cards or cash, whatever you prefer. Keep in mind when it comes to weddings, the amount is not based on a percentage, but instead will depend entirely upon your budget, their service fee and what you think is appropriate. These tips are not an obligation but more of an extra thank you. If your venue does a outstanding job with its services, don’t hesitate to show your appreciation with other other means of tip. A nice meal to a fancy restaurant paid by you is always a great way to show you care, or even a spa day to have them relax after making your day so special.


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