History Behind Proposing on a Bended Knee

History of the proposal

There is no gesture more immediately recognizable around the world then that of a proposal. The simple idea of getting down on one knee is widely known in any culture as the romantic custom has been celebrated around the world and passed down from generation to generation.

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Kneeling down on one knee to propose is a tradition that dates back to Medieval times. It was custom that when knights would be knighted by royalty they would kneel with their left knee down and right knee up. They would also kneel to their masters or mistresses to show respect.  In other historical events such as ceremonies, kneeling down became custom in many ways such as kneeling down to pray, surrendering to an enemy, or even bowing to any high figure. When it comes to kneeling down on bended knee, knights really take the cake for conveying royalty and honor. This tradition stands true today, for one must completely surrender themselves as a form of proposal. This then led to the suggestion that kneeling down on one knee during a proposal has developed into a tradition based on honor and the ultimate surrendering of oneself to another based on love in a union. Regardless of the origin, we find that this timeless gesture of love truly embodies the essence of commitment to their partner fore life.

Underwater Proposal BEAUTIFUL

Respect, surrender and honor. These are the key reasons as to why guys get down on one knee during a proposal. To show respect, the man lowers himself as an act of humility before his woman who he wants to spend the rest of his life with. He surrenders himself in that being on one knee, and honors her with a ring. For a practical response on why we bend down on one knee to propose is to completely elevate your women to the point of literally lowering yourself  below her. This also gives room for light to shine down on that beautiful engagement ring he is about to slip on your finger!


Research shows that most men plan on or have knelt down on one knee to propose to their women, however there is a new way of proposing in todays world. Some women are proposing to there men, and yes on one knee too! Call it taboo but we think some guys just need an extra push down that aisle. Remember there may be years of tradition on the line here, but there isn’t a wrong way to ask someone to spend the rest of their lives with you!


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