History of Diamonds

Diamonds Diamonds Diamonds!

Diamonds are one of Earths rare and most beautiful natural gifts to the universe. Something so precious and so rare must come straight from the ground like that right? Well not exactly. Diamonds go through a long and tedious process before they are sold in stores. They are formed deep down in the earth and undergo heat and tremendous pressure. They later are pushed twords the earth surface where they are then mined. After they are found, they are then cut and polished.

The Rock!

First discovered in India as early as fourth century BC, diamonds were found in streams and rivers, they were used for trading. Once they were seen as valuable goods, India’s diamonds made their way to Western Europe. By the 1400s, diamonds had become a huge fashion accessories for Europe’s most elite. Next to emerge in the Diamond mining was Brazil. They were discovered in the pans as miners were searching for gold. Once they found out they were sitting on a diamond mine, Brazil dominated the diamond trade for more then 150 years. The diamond market began to experience an evolution of its own once societies class began to change. In the 1800s, diamonds brought continuous wealth to western Europe and the United States. Explorers unearthed the first great South African diamonds in the late 1800s just as diamond demand began to expand. The modern diamond market begins in 1866 with the discovery of diamonds in Kimberley, South Africa. Cecil Rhodes was an entrepreneur who in 1888 established De Beers Consolidated Mines. By the year 1900, De Beers, controlled about 90 percent of the world’s production of rough diamonds.


Today’s diamond industry is at its all time high with knowledge. With research growth due to the help from chemists, geologists, mineralogists, oceanographers and physicists, diamonds are able to be modified. Although they haven’t discovered how and where diamonds will show up on the earth surface, they are getting closer to finding an answer. So keep asking your man to put a ring on it, preferably with one that has a huge diamond in it!

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