Holiday Engagement Trends

Did you know that December is the most popular month to get engaged? Maybe its just the mistletoe, but proposing during the holidays has caught on big. Here are 4 trends to take into account when considering a holiday engagement.

Holiday Engagement Trends

  1. A quarter of all women think the proposal is more important than the wedding. The man probably won’t be planning too much of the ceremony so this is a good time for him to make his mark on the marriage.
  2. 50 percent of women would rather the money be spent on the ring and not the proposal. Challenging when taking into account the previous point, but remember that special doesn’t have to mean expensive.
  3. More couples are now documenting the proposal. A third of couples would be open to having their proposal broadcast in this digital age but even the more modest bride probably wouldn’t mind a few snapshots of her happy day.
  4. More couples get engaged in the Thanksgiving to New Years period than any other. For the guys that means buying the ring early or there won’t be any left! For the couple that means starting planning ASAP as hordes of other newly-engaged couples will be staking their claim on venues as well.
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