Hottest Wedding Trends For 2015


New year, new wedding season! What will you do with your special day to separate yours apart from the rest? Well we have the perfect tips for you to make your day STAND out from all the other weddings this season! No need to get stressed, from Bridesmaids gowns to guest party favors we’ve got you covered!

The Dress…


The perfect wedding dress is something every girl has dreamed about since birth. Instead of going with traditional “white” dress, women are beginning to mix it up with pastels, ivory and lace. Make your dress the talk of the year with a little pop of color! Be bold and daring!




Your girls, through good times and rough times they’ve had your back when you needed them the most, return the favor and get the best for your best! Picking the perfect dress for your girls can be hard, no one is the same so why should the dresses be? Save yourself the headache, and change it up, stick with a color scheme and have the girls wear a dress that will flatter their figure instead of having them in something lumpy. Have the girls pick out their preferred style dress from dresses you have approved (of coarse)!




Flower Power…


Picking the perfect bouquet of flowers can be a bigger task then anticipated, flowers speak from the soul, they relay the kind of girl that you are. When shopping for your flowers, listen to what your gut tells you, stick with the color scheme of your wedding  add a bit of pop and color to spice it up!




Parting Gifts…

Your perfect day has come down to an end, and although you will soon be whisked away on your honeymoon by your new hubby, you cant forget about all the love and support that has come from your family and friends. Thank them the best way possible with these sweet parting gifts for your guests for helping you celebrate your special day! A little lovin goes a long way!




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