How a Diamond Gets its Shape

How a Diamond Gets its Shape

How a Diamond Gets it Shape

A diamond doesn’t start out being shiny and perfect the way it is when we purchase it. The diamond undergoes numerous steps to get its shape and shine.

Stage 1

Mining the Diamond

As some people know diamonds are made by the earths core heating up and releasing small crystals from volcanic eruptions. This leads us to the first stage of making a diamond. Mining it. About 50% of diamonds are found in Africa, but some sources of diamonds have been found on almost every continent in the world. Diamonds can be found as far as 3500 feet beneath Earth’s surface. Miners must blast rock and search through gravel and dirt to find rough diamonds.

Once a diamond has been discovered it doesn’t mean it will be cut into a beautiful stone. Only about 20% of the Earth’s natural diamonds go on to become polished perfect diamonds. The rest are sold for industrial purposes.

Stage 2

A diamond is then reaches the market

They are taken to CSO which is the Central Selling Organization. This is where the rough diamonds are categorized by weight and color. There are almost 5000 different categories! Once it has been sorted and given a price tag it is then resold to manufacturers at sites. There are 10 sites a year each only lasting one week. Site holders is what you would call someone interested in purchasing the rough diamonds. They either are private buyers or buy from private auctions.

Stage 3

Manufacturing the diamond

Despite who buys a diamond they all need to be cut. There are only 5 main cutting centers! They are located in New York, Bombay, Antwerp, Johannesburg, and Israel! The rough is carefully examined by professional’s so that the cutter can know which shape to give it to yield the greatest value. The shape, measurements and weight are all determined. Then it goes through a series of cutters who all have their own specialties to give the diamond its perfect appearance.

Stage 4


The diamond is now ready to be sold to jewelry retailers. The consumer then buys the product and this is how your diamond gets to you!

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