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You’ve been asked. You said yes! Now it’s your turn to pop the question. Much like a party invitation, the way you invite your girls to be your maids can set the tone for your bridal party. Make them say yes to the dress with one of these 5 creative ways to ask your bridesmaids to be in your wedding.

The Bridesmaid Survival Kit


Visit your local craft store and pick out a cute box or bag.  Inside put all the essentials your girls will need before and on your big day.  A mirror, a measuring tape, lip gloss, a cute pen and paper set (so they can jot down their measurements), a picture of the dress you’ve chosen for them and a handwritten note asking them to be part of your bridal party. Other fun additions could include a nail polish that matches your wedding colors, mints, bobby pins and perfume. Wrap the box in kraft paper and tie with a sweet bow.

Chalk Board Sign


This project can easily be accomplished with some poster board and a marker or you could purchase a large frame and paint the glass with chalk board paint.  Have someone take a few snap shots of you holding your personalized “Will You Be My Bridesmaid?” sign. Send your favorite in a card or as the card.


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