How to Care for Your Engagement Ring

How to Care for Your Engagement Ring

How to Care for Your Engagement Ring

One of the most frustrating things is watching your perfect sparkler fade to a dim ambiance because of over-wearing and not being properly educated on how to care for your diamonds. We have the ultimate guide on how you can keep your engagement ring looking fresh and new forever!

Diamond Care

The first thing to remember is diamond care 101. Most people think that once a diamond is set you think of the ring as a whole, but diamonds need special care. Being that they are the sturdiest gemstone on earth they have a different chemical makeup than most stones.

  • When handling your diamond make sure to keep your hands clean, our bodies give off a natural oil that can harm the diamond. It makes stone appear cloudy and worn.
  • Keep your diamond jewelry cleaned regularly. Soaking your engagement ring in an ammonia based solution once or twice a week can help maintain that new glisten we all want for our gems!
  • Diamonds can chip!! Remember that even though a diamond is the sturdiest gemstone on earth they still can get damaged! Don’t wear your ring when doing strenuous activities such as working out!

The Ring

The diamond isn’t the only thing that needs caring for, making sure that the actual setting and ring as a whole is kept in pristine condition is a must. Metal does scratch so wearing your ring in an abrasive environment is a complete no-no!

  • Get your engagement ring insured. Even though this isn’t technically a way to clean your ring we would recommend getting it insured. Two of your most prized possessions should be your ring and your wedding band. This will keep that monumental piece of jewelry safe forever.
  • Take your ring for check-ups. Did you know that taking your ring back to where you purchased it can mean free cleanings for life? Most jewelers have a steaming system which is the ultimate cleaning for a ring.
  • Take ring off when dish washing. Soap can dull out the shine of a ring.
  • Keep the ring on when you are washing your hands in a public bathroom, the risk of dropping it down the drain or forgetting it are just too high!

The Metal

Keep a few supplies on hand for when your diamond setting gets a little under the weather.  Besides having ammonia for your diamond and taking it to get steamed there are a few tips you will have to remember about the metal.

  • Keep a toothbrush handy for those hard to get to spots
  • Do not use anything other than hot water and a light soap, you don’t want to damage the stones set in your ring!
  • Make sure if there are gemstones set in  your engagement ring you are just using hot water to clean.
  • If you have a sterling silver setting, clean it only with a polishing cloth. When you use those gunky cleaners it usually gets stuck in the prongs of the ring.
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