Kat Von D Plans for an Underwater Themed Wedding

Kat Von D Plans for an Underwater Themed Wedding

DeadMau5 and Kat Von D Strange Wedding Plans

Via Rollingstone.Com

We can’t believe it either! The tatted up rocker chick, Kat Von D is actually in the midst of planning her wedding with DeadMau5 dj Joe Zimmerman. Zimmerman proposed to Kat via Twitter back in December. We never thought the pair would take the more traditional route for a wedding, but they are pulling their inspiration from a really peculiar source. A tale “The Call of Cthulhu” is a book that the couple both had a mutual love for. It is a tale about a man who is part human, part octopus and part dragon.

If this doesn’t show any sign of being a strange idea for a wedding, Kat also plans on wearing a iridescent teal dress that fades from deep blues to violet. Her guest list has over 200 names listed and is set to take place in august. We personally can’t wait to see images from the wedding because we are almost positive it will be out of this world! Other celebrities that tied the knot in a bizarre fashion was Nicole Richie and Joel Madden tied the knot with a real life elephant! Another totally bizarre wedding detail was that the person that officiated their marriage was rapper/reverend Rev Run.

We wish all the hapiness in the world to Kat Von D and hope her wedding goes perfectly! If you have any wedding stories or ideas we love wedding input! Shoot us an email at RLJ455@Gmail.com!


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