How To Clean Your Jewelery at Home

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If your as obsessed with your diamonds as we are with ours, then you will be happy to know how to keep your diamond looking brand new. Taking care of your bling should be a regular thing for you, but sometimes its hard to keep your diamond completely out of the dirt and grime game. There is nothing worse than a ring that has lost its luster or a ring that’s damaged due to improper care. So if you are like us, and want to maintain your diamonds flawlessness, rather then running to your local jewelers to have it cleaned annually, there are some at home remedies that can kick that grime to the curb and make your bling shine bright like the very first time!

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Before we go diving off the deep end of at home cleaning solutions, we should go over proper care for your stones. Be mindful and remember not to wear your jewels in the shower, in the pool, ocean or working out. Also when you are applying any lotions, or doing any cleaning be sure to take off your jewelery. These are common places for your gems to build up a cloudy filter over the top of them, as well as a high potential for damaging the metal setting. If you are careful with where you wear your jewelery, it can be a huge help in keeping your gems clean and long lasting.

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When it comes to cleaning your jewels, it can help if you know what is dirtying them up in the first place. If your ring is being mucked up from oils, cosmetics or hairspray the best way to clean your gem is with three simple ingredients. Hot water, dish soap and time. Start off by adding hot water and dish soap to a bowl, drop your diamond ring in there and let sit for 20 to 30 minutes. After that gently scrub your jewelery with a toothbrush. Rise, and vuala! You should have a gorgeous sparkling piece of bling!

Cleaining your Diamonds

There are some cleaning solutions that you can find online that tell you to use bleach, chlorine, or acetone. DO NOT use any of these products on your jewelry. These will directly harm your jewels and can crack the gems thus ruining your piece. If used they can damage, scratch and harm your jewelery which will ruin your day. Don’t let this happen to you! Another thing to avoid is at-home ultrasonic jewelry cleaning machines, especially if your ring features special set diamonds. If you are a first time diamond cleaner, or unsure if your ring should be specifically cleaned, you may want to ask your local jeweler on how to clean at home or the best care for your specific ring. Some are tricky and need special care. If you treat your diamonds with extreme care and they will sparkle for all of time!

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