How to Design Your own Engagement Ring for Less

How to Design Your own Engagement Ring for Less 

How to Design Your own Engagement Ring for Less


Many people assume that because you are making your engagement ring custom it is going to cost you a fortune. In all actuality you are going to be saving thousands if you decide to customize your own engagement ring.

The first step: Choose the setting you want for your ring. Most jewelry stores have a display of diamond mounting with the stone missing. Another option that some jewelry stores offer is taking the diamond out of its setting and selling you just the mounting. One you have the overall design of the mounting picked out, decide on what metal you are going to prefer. Remember that the least expensive is going to be 14k Yellow or White gold. The more expensive in the gold family is 18k. Another thing to remember is platinum can be costly and if you are looking to save a buck or two this type of metal probably shouldn’t be an option. After you have the metal chosen and the type of setting decide if you want diamonds encompassing the setting. If you do than take into account the setting will become more expensive, if not you are ready for step 2!

Second Step: Find your diamond! Picking out a loose diamond yourself is probably one of the smartest things you can do! Depending on the Color, Cut, Clarity or Carat weight your stone can drop drastically in price. Another factor to take into consideration is that depending on the SHAPE of the diamond the price can become more expensive or less expensive! We would suggest going on to a jewelry website that offers a digital menu of different variants of diamonds to choose from. You can spend hours just trying to find the perfect diamond! The most expensive part of an engagement ring is the diamond, so if you are saving in that department everything else will just fall into place!

Third Step: Find a trusted jeweler who will assemble the ring for you!

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