How to Find Out Her Ring Size

How to Find Out Her Ring Size

How to Find Out Her Ring Size

If you want to plan a surprise proposal for your girlfriend or you just want to get her a ring as a gift, it can be a confusing and stressful process in finding her ring size. There are 4 main things you can do to find out her size without making her aware you are going to propose. The photo above can be used as reference if you have a ring that is her size. Just simply place it over the corresponding circle and that should be her true fit.

The first thing you can do is measure her finger while she is asleep. If your girlfriend is a deep sleeper this is a good thing to do. Wrap either a string or a piece of paper around the finger you want to get her the ring for. If it is a proposal guys remember LEFT ring finger. Usually a right hand and left hand differ in size! Once the string/ paper is wrapped around her finger mark where it ends and then take it to a jeweler to get appropriately sized!

Another idea is once you have a ballpark imagination of what her size is, buy her a costume jewelry ring, or something inexpensive as a gift. This is sort of like a trial and error process to see if the ring fits. Back to square one if it doesn’t, but if it does you are finally at the final step CHOOSING A RING! You can use the string test to go to a jeweler and have them help you pick out a low priced ring.

The next thing you can do is a really creative idea. Misconstrue her thoughts on you ever proposing by taking her jewelry shopping for a ring, but say it is for either your sister, mom or family member that is a girl. Make her try it on her ring finger and remember the size so that you can keep future reference of it! Some key things to remember is depending on the width of the band the size will change. The thicker the band for instance, the bigger the ring has to be!

The last and final thing you can try is having her close friends or mother just tell you her ring size. You have to make sure they will not slip on the secret though! They have to be great liars and willing to do anything to keep her from knowing a proposal is coming! Have them secretly take a ring if they do not know her actual size and give it to you. If her mother or friends decide to take her ring shopping for fun make sure they know that depending on the weather or humidity the finger can swell and her true size will not be accounted for!

Some things to remember if you do not want to go through the trouble of figuring out her ring size, the average stock size of an engagement ring is 6 or 6.5. Another thing is that if a ring has a smooth backside (no design or diamonds) it can usually be sized! Good luck!




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