How to Make a Diamond Appear Larger

How to Make a Diamond Appear Larger

How to Make Your Diamond Appear Larger

Diamonds are one of the most fascinating natural occurrences on this earth. They not only give jewelry that extra push to look spectacular, but they can also be easily manipulated to appear larger or smaller depending on what engagement ring setting you choose. Now there are some valuable things you need to remember when designing the perfect ring for her.

1. If you are going to settle on color and clarity DO NOT get a yellow gold setting!

2. If the diamond isn’t large make sure it is mounted in a pave set setting!

3. Get gemstone accent stones

4. Depending on the diamond shape, the price can be substantially cheaper!

Lets start with the first option

Diamond Lessons

Color and clarity can be a scary thing because it does take some knowledge and memorizing. Color is basically the alphabet from D-M. D is the clearest most colorless diamond you can find! M has the most yellow in it and sometimes can even be considered a fancy light yellow diamond. D, E, F, G and H are considered the most colorless. Depending on how far down you go on the color grade the price can dramatically change.

The clarity on the other hand goes from FL-I3. FL is “flawless” which means it has no inclusions. I3 is considered the most included and some of the carbon pieces can be seen with the naked eye. FL is very rare and is the priciest because of its perfect clarity. The lowest grade we recommend going is I1. Some inclusions can be seen if you really take a long time to look for them. They are apparent with a jewelers loop, but no one will notice you have a “dirty diamond”. The price will be lower and the diamond will still look amazing, we promise.

Buy a Pavé Setting

How to Mae a Diamond Appear LargerIts almost like magic. A pave setting will save your life. Pavé derives from a french word that means to pave. Small round diamonds are mounted in settings and the appearance looks like the diamonds are paved into the setting. Depending on the amount of diamonds that are pavé set will determine how emphasized your center stone will look. In the photograph of this yellow diamond engagement ring the center stone is actually only 2 carats. It appears to look like a big stone because of the small diamonds that are encrusted throughout the ring!

Gemstone Accent Stones

This can be a bonus in many ways. If your beloved is a funky individual a gemstone accent on her engagement ring will really make her fall in love! Another thing is that when you incorporate gemstones your diamond can appear larger. If you want to save money sometimes How to Make Your Diamond Appear Largerusing a gemstone center stone is the better option. Celebrities such as Kate Middleton, Elizabeth Hurley and Jessica Simpson all incorporate gemstones in their engagement rings. It is becoming a growing trend that is very cost efficient.

Compensate on Diamond Shapes

Many think this is a wives tale, but depending on the diamond shape your gem can be more expensive! The most expensive diamond shape is the round diamond. It is so costly because it is the highest in demand. Round Diamond solitaire rings are the most used for engagement rings! We would suggest going for a stunning, but more low key style like the cushion cut. It has rounded edges but has so many facets internally that it appears flawless most of the time.

No matter what engagement ring you decide on purchasing, just know that with a lot of research and dedicated time on the subject you can find a beautiful ring for a fraction of the price! Good Luck!

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