How to Make a Great Wedding Toast

After the Engagement Ring!

We know how grueling it can be to shop for and select the perfect engagement ring, or wedding ring. So we like to let down our hair now and then and talk about the fun stuff that comes after the ring. You might want to jot a note or two from this great list our writers have come up with! I wish I had this list at my buddy’s wedding in 2006… Editor

If someone close to you is getting married, you’re probably going to want to make a toast at their wedding and show your excitement for the happy couple and the new adventure they are going to experience together. However, if this is your first toast, the very thought of getting in front of a group of people and giving some speech make put your stomach in knots. We are here to help you get through your toast on their special day.

How to Make a Great Wedding Toast

Write the toast. Don’t wait until the last minute to write your toast that will represent and honor the two lovebirds. Some people try to be spontaneous, but in case your mind goes blank, you;ll want to have something prepared. The toast should be short, sweet, but personal. A nice touch is to try and add a cute little joke, but avoid any embarrassing stories about ex’s or drunken nights in college. That would just be too awkward.

Make notes. Think back to high school speeches – those notecards really came in handy, didn’t they? Remember not to write it out word-for-word, though, because then you’ll sound too scripted and robotic. Instead, just write down some key words or quotes that will jog your memory.

Practice, practice, practice. Time yourself in front of a mirror or a small audience. Rehearse a few times as if you were at the wedding. Get the timing of your words right and change any words or phrases that get you a little tongue-tied. Keep practicing until you are comfortable with your toast.

Stand up.  When it’s finally time to make the toast, stand up and make everyone’s glasses, including yours, have wine or champagne in them. Then, raise your glass to the people you are toasting, and state that you would like to make a toast and wait for everyone to quiet down.

Announce your relationship to the couple. Not everyone at the wedding may know you, so stating this will keep everyone from being confused. Then being speaking while still holding your glass.

End on a positive note. Include some sort of formal indication to let everyone know the toast is coming to an end and what to say next. Such as, “Let us now toast the happiness of John and Mary. To John and Mary!” Then, wave your glass to all, tip your glass towards the happy couple, and clink glasses with those around you.

Congratulations, you just made an excellently successful toast!

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