How to Make Your Diamond Look Larger Than It Is

diamondIt’s okay if you can’t afford a huge diamond – there are a few ways you can actually make the diamond look even larger than it really is. Just use these techniques to give them a larger appearance than it’s true carat weight.

How to Make Your Diamond Look Larger Than It Is

Browse Fancy  Shapes: Fancy shaped gems typically seem larger than round diamonds of that have the same weight, especially ones with elongated shapes, such as marquise, oval and pear shaped versions.

Choose a Pave-Set Ring: A pave setting is made up of small diamonds set side by side into little holes, so they look like diamonds take up the whole surface. Tiny beads are crafted from the surrounding metal to keep them in place. It’s hard to differentiate between individual stones, so a pavé setting gives the appearance of more, and larger, diamonds than it truly does. However, intricate pavé settings can get pricy, so it may be worth it to just buy a larger gem.

Explore the Illusion Setting: The diamond in an illusion setting is mounted to a mirror-like plate before being set into the band, making it appear bigger and even more brilliant. However, this setting a=can be pretty hard to repair.

Choose an Engagement Ring with Side Stones: Small versions set into the band on either side of a center stone may not make the center diamond look bigger, but it adds some extra sparkle to an ordinary ring.

Select a Bezel Set Diamond: Diamonds in a bezel setting with a white gold or platinum will blend with and enhance white varieties, making them look larger.

Shallow cut diamonds look larger, but with a penalty: You may want to buy an engagement ring set with gems that are cut shallow, but by doing this you are sacrificing brilliance. Light traveling through a shallow cut will go out the back instead of bouncing off of the sides of the stone.

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