How to Make Your Diamond Look Larger

How to Make Your Diamond Look Larger

So you want to stun your bride to be with an amazing engagement ring, but don’t have all the money in the world to spend on a huge rock. Lucky for you there are tons of ways on saving a buck or two on engagement rings! There are three main things that you can do to emphasize the size of your center stone in your engagement ring.

Pave Setting:

How to Make Your Diamond Look Larger

This is the first and probably the best thing you can do to emphasize the look of your center stone. Even the smallest diamond can look a whole carat size larger when it is engulfed by tiny diamonds. Pave comes from a french word pronounced pah-vey which means pave. The diamonds look like they are paved into the setting which makes the ring look more abundant in the diamond category!

Halo Setting:

How to Make Your Diamond Look Larger

This setting is not only the most trending setting of 2013, but is also one of the most brilliant settings because of what effect it gives your center stone. Halo setting basically lifts your diamond above a “halo” to let more light in which highlights the stone. Something that adds hypothetical carats to the ring is if you micro-pave (smaller diamonds than a regular pave setting) the halo and the band of the ring!

Shallow Cut Diamond: 

How to Make Your Diamond Look Larger

A shallow Cut Diamond does appear larger than a regular diamond. An ideal or deep diamond has a larger point at the bottom of the stone. An ideal has a larger width. The reason some people are apprehensive about a shallow cut diamond is because of the lack of depth the refractions aren’t as nice as a deep or ideal diamond. Depending on the setting you have for your diamond though (for example bezel setting, or halo) there can be enough lighting to make the ring look great!

Some things to keep in mind!! Remember if you setting on a lesser color or clarity you can get a bigger stone! Just because a stone is rated lower doesn’t mean it is a bad stone! Judge the diamond with your naked eye! If it looks great without a jewelers loop, give the diamond a chance.

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