How to Pick the Perfect Wedding Band

How to Pick the Perfect Wedding Band

Choosing a wedding band that works for your engagement ring isn’t always the easiest of tasks. It seems like an easy mission when you think about it in your head, but when your in the moment trying on all the beautiful bands you start to realize, “none of these are working!”. We have compiled a list to help you figure out which style engagement ring works best with what band! 

The Pave Band 

Plain Wedding Band RingA lot of people assume since you have a Pavé set band on your engagement ring you absolutely need a Pavé set wedding band as well. Honestly, its overkill. You don’t need that many diamonds! The perfect wedding band would be a simple plain band that is the same metal color as your engagement ring.

Simple-Solitaire Engagement Ring 

Round Solitaire Engagement Ring

A simple solitaire ring is one that has no extra designs or Pavé on the band. It is just a round, princess, emerald or any other diamond shape and the band. If you have this type of engagement ring you can admit finding a wedding ring was VERY complicated! You think since you have such a simple ring almost anything will work, but thats not true is it? The best type of wedding band is a curved band. Whatever jeweler you get your ring from, they should be able to accommodate you with this type of band. It might have to be custom if you don’t have a round solitaire ring, but it still shouldn’t be that expensive. Making your ring pop, add some Micro-Pavé diamonds to the band!

Unusual Shank Engagement RingUnusual Shank Wedding Band

So you have one of those funky split shank rings and you aren’t able to find the perfect wedding band. Have no fear! Just try a semi-curved diamond band. This is usually easy to find, curved wedding bands are trending in 2013 so a lot of jewelry stores are adding this wedding band to their inventory. We would suggest not getting Pavé, but getting bigger diamonds for the wedding band.

Three Stone Engagement Ring

The Perfect Wedding Band for a Three Stone RingBesides solitaire engagement rings, the three stone engagement ring is top on the list of most popular engagement ring styles. This ring style is very complicated because the complexity of the engagement ring makes most wedding bands look awkward on your finger! The baguette or emerald cut eternity band is a good fix for this! Make sure your metal color matches on both! If you have a gemstone ring, including some of those gemstones in your eternity band is a good idea too! Also if you have a three stone ring with round diamonds, a round diamond eternity looks great as well.


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