How to Properly Accept a Marriage Proposal

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If you are like me, then you have probably envisioned your proposal a thousand different ways perhaps with a few different guys. The vision always seems to be absolutely perfect, extremely thought out and romantic. However the truth is it doesn’t always go according to plan, ether on his end or yours. But if your hoping that the question will be asked this up and coming holiday season, you may want to be prepared in more ways then one. Being that this moment will be an unforgettable one, you may want to keep somethings in mind so that when the big moment does finally roll around, you will be prepared!
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Today’s love doesn’t seem to have a time limit on it, it seems as if people are getting married after only dating a year or a few months. With society’s relationship norm changing with each year, the life span on when to pop the question has evolved into a timeless masterpiece that any couple can take part in. However, its also noted that you shouldn’t rush into anything, especially something as sacred as marriage. So when it comes down to those women who are constantly nagging their boyfriend as to why he hasn’t proposed yet, just remember he will do it when hes ready. Who knows maybe he has a huge elegant date planned for you two in the up coming weeks, don’t ruin it with snooping or nagging. It will happen when the time is right.
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He may propose with a romantic letter that he wrote, or he may say barely anything at all, every proposal is different. However if he does go with the length speech as to why he wants to make you his wife, although it may be difficult, try not to interrupt. Also remember to listen, this is a moment just like any other, it will come and go quicker then you would ever expect, and if you are just worried about what you are going to say back rather then listening to his kind words, you may never get to hear them again. Then when the moment is right you can scream YES and fall into his arms!
 Love, true love!
 Before you go running to your laptop to post your stunning new ring and new fiancé on social media for the world to see be sure to give your family a heads up first. There is nothing worse then looking on facebook to see that your only child is going to be getting married and you weren’t clued in. Savor this moment with your fiancé, family and closest friends. You will have plenty of time in the next few days to share your news with the world. Nothing would make your friends and family happier to know you let them in on the big secret before the rest of the world. Also keep in mind that you are only going to one day in your life where you get engaged, cherish it and love every second of it. There will be plenty of time to pick out your dress, venue and everything else you want for your wedding day, but for now, it’s time to celebrate the very first day of the rest of your life together as man and wife.

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